Store Location

Valley Isle Dry Cleaners

180 E. Wakea Ave., #F

Kahului, Maui, HI 96732

Phone: 808.877.4111

Fax      : 808.871.7114

Business Hours

Mon - Friday:   7:30AM - 5:00PM

Saturday:         9:00AM - 3:00PM

Sunday:           Closed

Holidays:         Closed

Our Specialties

Dry Cleaning

  • We offer a full range of professional fabric care services using an eco-friendly GreenEarth solution. You can rely on our experienced team of certified master dry cleaners to make your garments look their best.


  • We offer Traditional Laundry. The basic cleaning process is the same for the traditional laundry services. Our laundry service completes the item by pressing with a shirt laundry press, then finishing entirely by hand with an iron. Placket and seam finishing are superior with the green solvents. For the finest shirt service, consider our Cleaning Service.

Wash and Fold

  • Why deal with the hassle of doing laundry when you can have our professional cleaners do it for you? Valley Isle Dry Cleaners offers a Wash and Fold service. $2.99 a pound with a 10 lb minimum. All items get washed, dried, fluffed, folded and packaged while you play. Your clothes are clean and ready for use once more. Just think, an extra few hours of your time, for something that is more worth it, on the Beautiful Island of Maui.

Household Items

  • BEDDING - Your bed linens deserve special attention to preserve their integrity and to keep them looking as pristine as the first time you placed them on your bed.
  • LINENS - Your fine table linens, such as table cloths and dinner napkins, are treated with precise care throughout the entire cleaning process.
  • DRAPERIES - There is no better way to maintain the drapes in your residence or office, than by utilizing Valley Isle Dry Cleaners’ Cleaning Services. Our team of specialists will also take down and re-hang your draperies.

Pressing and Steaming

  • Your clothes are already clean. Valley Isle Dry Cleaners offers Press Only. We "finish" (press) your garments using specialized finishing equipment. Valley Isle Dry Cleaners has highly trained, experienced specialists to serve you and tend to your pressing/steaming needs. Steaming Wedding Gowns is our specialty!


  • Valley Isle Dry Cleaners performs fine alterations on site. Our on site seamstress specializes in fittings and alterations. Valley Isle Dry Cleaners takes care of anything from minor mending and repairs to major resizing and styling.

Corporate Rates

  • Valley Isle Dry Cleaners Offers Business-to-Business corporate rates. Pick-up and delivery service are available. Please contact Mimi at 808.446.5285 for more information.